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The program of the studio responds to changes in contemporary culture and  vanguard trends based on mutual relations between art, science and technology. It follows the strategy of higher education aiming at the internationalization and mutual openness and cooperation between various academic milieus, giving students access to the transdisciplinary knowledge and experiences.

meetings: room 42 building E

Leader: Dr hab. Joanna Hoffmann, prof. nadzw. UAP

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   assistant: Piotr Słomczewski

on this website:
studios activities + chronicle

Program 2012/13

In this academic year we will continue our last year subjects/projects as well as we will start a new project naturalNie (unNatural) in collaboration with the Department of Biology, Poznan University UAM

The idea of the project sprung up spontaneously during the visit of students of UAP at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in February 2012.

The title (which is a play of the polish words natural and unnatural) calls attention on the vagueness borders between that what we perceive/define as natural and unnatural, on relations between nature and culture in the context of the advance in science and technology.

naturalNie” touches  areas of our perception, relations between natural and technological environments, the dynamically changing reality and visions of the future.

naturalNie” is an inspiration for reflections and activities based on interactions between the knowledge, imagination and experiment.

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Attention, competition:

NanoArt is a new art discipline at the art-science-technology intersections. To read more about NanoArt and Nanotechnology please visit the entire website.

coming soon!:

in microscope labs of the Dept. of Biologyi UAM, students of STPR with Dr S. Samardakiewicz i Zb.Adamski

subject 2011/2012/...:

′On the Desert of Stars: Water -  (my) drop of the universe”

On the Desert of Stars: Water -  My the drop of the universe” is the subject for this academic year.  It was inspired by recent discovieries of forms of water in the universe which appeared to be decisive not only for our cosmic ambitions but also for the knowledge about our planet and ourselves. The theme of water in the space converges like in ′ a water lens′ deep cultural, scientific, social and ecological aspects, uniting all micro and macro scales of our experiences. For water is the fundamental condition of our biological existence and civilization.

In the frame of this project students develop their own artistic concepts based on their individual imagination and creative intuition, at the same time enriching their knowledge and understanding of the surrounding world. They experiment with various means of artistic expression and creative communication.

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file icon pdf microBubble

Under the scope of this project we started to work on a “microBubble” – a prototype of the water micro-garden for the International Space Station.  The direct impulse for this idea came from alarming reports about the state of our marine environment, (especially about the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea  threatened by chemical weapons sunk in it in the late 40-ties).  This information coincided with the announcement  by NASA and ESA of the contest for a biological experiment held on the ISS for the secondary school students. Since we are not qualified to the contest, but decided to inscribe our idea into dynamically developing SpaceArt and the objectives of  ITACCUS International Astronautical Federation Technical Activities Commitee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space

Our project, apart from its scientific aspects (biological processes in the microgravity) aims at increasing social awareness of ecological matters and at regaining the respect for water as the fundamental environment both for life as and for our civilization. By communicating the scientific practice to the wider public in a new way, the project reveals the complexity of water matters, supporting local and total efforts toward the sustainability and improvement of the life quality.

linki: Water: Art & Science

interesting links concerning water project:
CSW Toruń:
IV State of Water - exhibition
Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin
SurfaceTension The Future of Water - exhibition
Water is in the Air – L'Eau est dans l'Air
Interdisciplinary Workshop (art & science)
Leonardo/Olats – IMéRA
Marseille June 25 - 26 2012

Smithonian Institute:

Unicef Water Tap Project

studio's activities

Studio acivities:

Chronicle: 2012/13

- 10.12 - the group tour around Mediations Biennale Unknown together with the staff and students of the Faculty of Biology of Poznan University UAM and intiation of the project "naturalNie"(unNatural)

- 28.09 - participation in the Night of Scientists (and not only) at the Faculty of Biology of the Poznan University UAM

chronicle 2011/12:

- open lectures at the Dept. of Physics, UAM Poznan Univeristy

- in the astronomical observatory of the Dept.of Physics UAM

- trip to the Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw (program Laboratory of the Future) and visit to the Copernicus Centre of Science

- at the laboratories of Dept. of Biology  UAM (Facutly of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)

- Trip to the Center for Contemporary Art in Torun, exhibitions: „The 4th state of water: from micro to macro” and „A Man in the Big City”

- Festival of Science and Art at UAP (contribution and coordination)

- Final year exhibition


Students 2011/12:

Agnieszka Sowisło

Piotr Słomczewski

Anna Smierzchalska

students of the 1st year of Art Education 2011/12

  1. Bokrzycka Rozalia
  2. Bryk Radosław
  3. Ciszak Emilia
  4. Golachowska Julia
  5. Grajek Daria
  6. Grzeszczuk Karolina
  7. Hagedorn Paulina
  8. Hołyńska Bogna
  9. Ipczyńska Dominika
  10. Jaraszkiewicz Aleksandra
  11. Korytowska Konstancja
  12. Kowalczyk Piotr
  13. Matusiak Monika
  14. Muszak Celestyna
  15. Nowak Malwina
  16. Podryban Martyna
  17. Popławska Julia
  18. Tyrcha Beata
  19. Walczak Aleksandra
  20. Buszkiewicz Bartosz

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Studio develops collaboration with:

UAM University of Poznan, Dept.of Biology (

University of Plymouth, Transtechnology Research Group  (

University of Arts London, Central Saint Martins, MA Art & Science (

Bauhaus Uniwersitat in Weimar,  Die Fakultät Medien der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, (



art education:
human Body

current exhibitions:
aktualne wystawy Art & Science:
- SPLICE: At the Intersection of Art and Medicine, Kanada
- Magical Materials, Dublin
- Synaesthesia I, The Orange Smell of November, Berlin
- Concepts of life in contemporary sculpture
, Berlin

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